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Supporting CA Communities

California’s leading non-alcoholic beverage companies are committed to our communities.

We’ve always been an important part of the California economy.

California’s beverage companies support nearly 25,000 jobs. We generate billions of dollars in economic impact, and in state and federal taxes. The people of our companies live and work in communities throughout the state, and together our companies donate more than $170 million to charitable causes.

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We support family’s efforts to balance the sugar in their diet, including from our beverages. Because consumers want more ways to moderate their sugar, we’ve been creating more beverage choices with less sugar and zero sugar.

We’re expanding reduced portion sizes, like mini cans. We’re also working with community leaders to help families balance their diets.

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Protecting our environment is an important priority for us.

California’s beverage companies are carefully designing our plastic bottles to be 100% recyclable and we are working to support community recycling programs to help get our bottles back so they can be remade into new bottles. We’ve reduced our energy usage, our fleet emissions, and are working to get our facilities to zero waste to landfill. And through constant innovation we are conserving valuable resources to help sustain our environment.

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California Beverage unites Californians who believe that businesses, governments and consumers should work together to support our communities and those who live and work in them. Learn more and join us today.

We’re working hard to deliver choices, jobs and strong communities.