What We Do

Investing in California’s Communities

California’s non-alcoholic beverage industry is made up of many parts and people.

We are beverage companies, bottling plants, manufacturers, distributors and drivers who supply beverages to grocery stores, bodegas, cafes, restaurants, corner stores, food trucks, you name itWe produce a wide range of brands, flavors, and choices, including soda, ice teas, water, flavored waters, juice, juice drinks, sports drinks, energy drinks, even kombuchas.

We are an important part of California’s economy, providing good-paying jobs and good careers. We provide significant tax revenues for state and local programs and contribute to many charitable causes across the state.

Making a Difference in our Local Communities

Balance Calories Initiative in East L.A. is a Better Way Forward

In eastern L.A., beverage companies used their marketing expertise and distribution network to increase access to and consumer demand for lower calorie choices. Working with groups like Casa Familiar, the initial work from 2014-2017 drove these results:

  • Beverage calories per person dropped 11.3%
  • Calories per person from carbonated soft drinks decreased 7%
  • Consumption of no-and low-calorie beverages increased 15.6%

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